Consilior is in business to search for global entrepreneurial leaders who manage constant change and transformation as a routine and take others on the journey.

These are leaders who are resourceful and relentlessly contemplate new ideas, all the while thinking about multiple tasks, events and possibilities. Whats more, they're eternally optimistic, believing in themselves, the solution and that success is inevitable.

To find leaders like this, you need a serious global network, and this is exactly the advantage Consilior has in the search business - access to people who know where to find the next entrepreneurial leaders. It's this network that also helps them find candidates within tight timeframes and business constraints.

“Fostering relationships and building networks globally is at the core of what we do as we work in committed partnerships to support both candidates and clients.” – Jane Davenport: March, 2015.

JaneSmall-212x300Founded by Jane Davenport, Consilior draws on experience gained globally working with a diverse range of Blue-Chip companies, heading up recruitment strategies for these businesses and directing their global search functions. These companies include: Boyden Global Executive Search, Asia, KPMG Australia and UK, A T Kearney, Northern Europe and Macquarie Group, Globally.

With such wide-ranging experience, In 2004 Jane founded Consilior in Australia followed by the UK in 2014.

Latin in origin and meaning: TO CONSULT. Consilior has been set up to provide expertise to help you find the next entrepreneurial leader(s) for your business.

Jane and her team of consultants and researchers are primed and ready to find the leaders you need to build strong teams, create greater efficiencies, and see your business grow to achieve even greater market success.