Boards quite often examines gender diversity and the bottom line. There are a variety of agendas, motivations, and expectations when it comes to building a board – they may often be well intentioned, but they’re not always healthy.

For example, when it comes to board composition, many CEOs and nominating committees simply focus on the wrong things for the wrong reasons – particularly when it comes to diversity. Looking good and being good are not always one and the same.

It’s not uncommon for a CEO’s first instinct to lead them to create a board that looks good to the public.  Women on Boards



Some CEOs might also view the perfect board as one that’s easy to manage – one that’s compliant and doesn’t push back. However, a board’s purpose is to govern rather than comply.

A good board listens, contributes, challenges, and when necessary, pushes back.

In the opinion of many, the best boards are also the most diverse, offering a depth and breadth of insight, perspective and experience that non-diverse boards simply cannot.